cutest send-off ever!
lee jae jin
i've never actually send anyone off at the airport before, so today was my first time and since it was a rather interesting one, i thought i should try to remember it somehow :) lol

so anyway, sending my friend off was not on my list of things to do for the day, it was another friend's sudden idea and since i'm quite close to this friend who's leaving, i thought, 'yeah, why not, let's go!'

apparently this friend who's leaving told mt friends that her flight is at 1.50 pm, so we thought that there was no hurry. man, were we so lucky that we arrived at the airport earlier! because her flight was supposed to leave at 1.05 pm! me think that my friend lied because she didnt want us to go send her off la, but wouldnt that mean that would have wasted our trip to the airport??

we couldnt actually enter the international departure lounge. but the good thing about adelaide airport is that it's small, and we're allowed into the domestic departure lounge, which is right next to the international departure lounge except that there's a glass separating the two. so there we were, looking into the international departure lounge, trying to look for our friend while they were queuing to get into the plane, which is like...500m away from us. worst thing is her phone wasnt working! so we couldnt actually tell her that we were there!

then my friend had this idea of calling one of the asian boys in the international departure lounge (through the glass some more) to find for our friend by writing a note of some sort. lucky us, this jepun boy came to talk to his friends, so my friend asked for his help, which he gladly agreed. phew! we wrote that our fren was wearing a red shirt, and so happen there was this old lady wearing a red shirt as well! so he approached that lady but we were like, waving our hands frantically signalling 'NO!! THAT'S NOT HER!! NOOOO!!' thank god jepun kid also quite smart, because he left that lady and continue searching for our friend. when he was standing next to our friend, we were like, 'yes!! yes!! that's her!' and we finally managed to get our friend to come talk to us! =D

so at least our send-off wasn't that fruitless at all. lol.

my first but most memorable send-off ever. haha!

my Music Man!
lee jae jin
after waiting for has finally arrived!! =D

the package

the dvd =D

LIMITED EDITION....muahahaha

the figurine


my first ever ski trip!!
Snow is beautiful......

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snsd's genie
lee jae jin
omg, this was such an awesome performance! being on the roof and all =p

♥ yuna xD
still cant differentiate between jessica and tiffany though. lol

Summer story
lee jae jin
Ariel lin's summer story- a movie version of the 'firefly' music video.

Full video:

ariel lin: super jealous of her =p

dong hae: superrr cute

shiwon: ideal man, lol

sydney trip 2009
lee jae jin
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Jay's sydney concer 2009
hot dude

Friday 3 July, 2009 -Taiwan's Jay Chou first ever concert in Sydney, Australia.


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weird stuffs
lee jae jin
Living in a service apartment, sometimes I'd come across weird stuffs...

Like just now, when some unknown girl was knocking at our door. but whne i went to peek, there wasn't anyone there. spooky..

but it's times like this that I'm thankful that my housemate is here with me. think i'd have a heart attack if i were staying alone =p

Thank you for being there
do re mi
Thank you for being there, or i'd been scared sh*tless.

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blogging from uni....
lee jae jin
Exceeded the internet quota back home so gotta use uni's com since it's faster anyway =p

anyway, 5 hours of chem practical can seriously kill u man-even if the chemicals don't. haha!
i'll be having 5 hours of chemistry practical every week, and it just started yesterday. normally i can pass my chem prac because i have good partners(haha!), but this year we gotta do it ourselves, so fingers crossed la.
everyone was so kelam-kabut.  there were so many things to do! in the end when we had to write our reports, my mind was blank and i had no idea at all what was i writing....and then there's this weird smell on my hands, it still stayed no matter how many times i washed it!! maybe my friend was right in worrying that these chemicals will affect our future babies.

week 2 is over!! yay!!


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